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Animal Dialogues


Animal Dialogues explores Hispanic cultural productions with animal protagonism. This page contains canonical fictional pieces that include moral lessons and reflections between animals and humans. These stories touch upon the cultural life of the authors and the animals they write about. Through them, we are able to appreciate the cultural insights that each author provides to create awareness about the presence of animals in human communities from the Spanish speaking world. In our exhibit, we also include illustrations, images, and additional materials to further facilitate comprehension. 

Feminist Revivals

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Feminist Revivals makes English translations of historical feminist plays from Latin America available to researchers, educators, advocates, and the general public. We include relevant images, content descriptions, pdfs, and references to the original Spanish-language text.

All translations in Feminist Revivals are created collectively under the direction of May Summer Farnsworth at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. We make our decisions through discussion and consensus and we share authorship. Each script goes through extensive drafts, revisions, and dramatic readings before we settle on our final English version.

All of our translations are protected under international copyright law and Creative Commons (CC).

Viva La Lucha

Dominican Protest in 1960s

Showcasing discourses, speeches, and writings by progressive authors in Latin America. Each page features works advocating for social and political equity in Latin America from the 19th and 20th centuries.

All translations in ¡Viva la lucha! are created by members of the HWS Translation Collective. We offer transcriptions of the Spanish original to accompany each translation.

All of our translations are protected under international copyright law and Creative Commons (CC).

Voces de mujeres -Women's voices

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Prose and poetry by women in 19th and 20th-century Latin America. Each page contains primary sources in English translation and transcriptions of the original Spanish. Historical context, related imagery, and notes from members of the Feminist Translation Collective at HWS are also provided.

All of our translations are protected under international copyright law and Creative Commons (CC).

Workshops for Children: Lessons for the Creative Language Interaction Classroom (CLIC)

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Resources for teaching Spanish to children with simple materials, such as paper and tape. Exhibit includes lesson plans, slide shows, and videos on Spanish vocabulary for true beginners. Most lesson props are limited to books, music, and paper and tape. Educators, parents, and students are free to use these materials for language teaching and learning.

Activities are designed to be low stress. We prioritize listening over speaking at this stage and we allow children to show their learning through movement and gestures.

All of our materials are free to use in education and are protected under international copyright law and Creative Commons (CC).